1 Seat Buggy (1-hr)

900AED / Per person


Maximize your off-road thrill with the 1 Seat Buggy (1-hr)! Dive into a one-hour adrenaline rush, conquering diverse terrains with nimble agility. This compact powerhouse offers a personalized solo adventure, combining speed and excitement in every turn. Experience the ultimate thrill of off-road exploration with the 1 Seat Buggy (1-hr), where each moment is a burst of solo excitement. Elevate your adventure and make the most of every minute with this compact and powerful off-road companion!

* Includes

  • Helmets
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Shirt, Pants
  • Unlimited Refreshments
  • Professional Guide

* Highlights

I hope This tour will be the most memorable for you. During the tour, you will get mind-blowing sunset photography on the huge dunes of the desert of Dubai. You’ll take your camera or GoPro for pictures and videos. Selfrrive Dune Buggy Rental experienced with our professional tour guider with excellent services. 

If your age is greater than 15 years you will be able to get Dune Buggies from us and book otherwise booking is not allowed below 15.