Luxury Marina Glass Cruise

100AED / Per person

The Luxury marina glass cruise has awesome cruising experience and buffet dinner eating experience during cruising.  Through a partnership with The 5 stars Hotels in Dubai marina, a locally owned network of premium accommodations, has now gone one step beyond to enhance user performance. While drifting aboard on any contemporary marina  dhow cruise on glass and fiber made ship, there are numerous sceneries to view of Dubai marina in evening.

  • Price  AED 100 
  • Phone / WhatsApp +971 509912456 

Luxury Marina Glass Cruise Inclusions:

Following are the Premium Marina Glass Cruise tour inclusions that the tourists will experience:

  1. 4 Star International buffet dinner with a choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.
  2. Access to fully air-conditioned lower deck and open-air upper deck.
  3. Entertainment show
  4. Separate toilet facilities for men and women.
  5. Smoking area facility upper deck.

Luxury Marina Glass Cruise Which Will Operate From Marina Dubai

100 AED Per Person

🛥 2-Hours Cruising
🍸Welcome Drinks
🍽 International Buffet Dinner
🍹 Unlimited Soft Beverages
🎶 Music & Entertainment shows
🎑 Beautiful Ambiance
🚻 Separate Amenities for Men & Women

Route & Sightseeing:
⭐Blue Water island
⭐Marina skyscrapers
⭐Marina Canal including
Marina Mall Pier 7
⭐Twisted Tower inside the Canal and outside Dubai Eye
⭐- Jumeirah Beach and more


Reporting time: 7:30 PM
Boarding Time: 08:00 PM
Timing: 09:00pm – 11:00 PM 🕚 – 🕒

Boarding Location
Marina Walk, Dubai Marina

Luxurious Glass Cruise Marina Trip

Visiting Dubai for the first time or else and haven’t expertise Cruise trip then you are missing a lot to see in Dubai. To enjoy the Cruise trip in Dubai there are different options to select but which one you should select depends what kind of memories you will gather and how much leisure doing get from this tour. There are two most Cruise trip points in Dubai which are the most attractive for the entire tourist all over the globe.
 Dhow Cruise Creek

 Dhow Cruise Marina

There is a clear and huge difference between these two places. The difference will be described very clearly and briefly and this article so that everyone will be able to choose wisely and clearly what they’re about to have. Creek is an area of Dubai which is not as developed as the other one so if someone selects Cruise he will not be able to see the real face of Dubai.

Basic Info and Inclusions.

 Boarding time welcome soft Drinks
 Sightseeing of Most beautiful are of Dubai.
 Entertainment Show
 Delicious International standard Dinner.
 Photo shoots With Skyscrapers.

Areas Which Marina Cruise Trip Covers.
 Blue Water island
 Marina skyscrapers
 Marina Canal including
 Marina Mall Pier 7
 Twisted Tower inside the Canal and outside Dubai Eye
  Jumeirah Beach and more
These places are known as the most famous and must see areas of Dubai and all of these are covered in a single trip with the most affordable rates and delicious dinner as well.

If you want to witness the most beautiful and developed new areas of Dubai than Marina Cruise trip will be the best option you select otherwise Creek Cruise trip will show you Dubai which is used to be 10 to 20 years ago. This point makes very clear to decide either you are going to Creek or Marina trip.

Why Glass Cruise?
When the basic theme of the strip is to witness the beauty and the skyscrapers of Dubai than the choice of The Cruise will be the most important thing in order to fulfill this requirement to its best. Now there are different Cruise types available to enjoy this trip but glass Cruise is the best choice in terms of many things. The most important thing about glass Cruise is that whether you're sitting on the lower deck or the upper deck of cruise. You will get the best opportunity is to see all the scenery outside of The Cruise as the windows of the lower back are made of the glass and these transparent glass of you to see all the beauty outside of it.

The Romantic Environment.
Whether you are on the lower deck the, soft low music the beautiful lighting and the sitting arrangement offers you one of the most beautiful and romantic environmental to be in with the beloved ones. The upper deck actually provides a more enchanted and romantic setting since you can sit below the most magnificent roof of the starry sky and the most moon while listening to soothing music and surrounded by the most stunning skyscrapers of Dubai.

The dinner.
Glass Cruise dinner offers the most delicious and mouthwatering dinner along with all other activities for all its visitors to enjoy. The food offered on the Cruise is consisted of 4 star International standard continental food some finally picked dishes all across the Asia and most importantly historically supreme Arabian dishes to enhance experience.
As the Dubai is attraction for the tourists all across the globe. Keeping that in mind there is a dire need to offer a dinner which suits the requirement and the taste of all the people coming from different places of the world. For this two major partitions has been made for the vegetarians and non vegetarians so that they can enjoy the food of their taste and need without any issue.