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Dune Bashing

Desert Safari Deluxe

AED100 / Per person

  • 6 Hours
  • Dubai

The desert safari tour is one of the most comprehensive desert safari available in Dubai to discover the Arabian natural desert land, pick n drop to campsite full package.

Quad bikes ride

Desert Safari & ATV Quad Bike Ride

AED180 / Per person

  • 7 hours
  • Dubai

We offer deal prices, now get emirates desert safari with ATV quad bike self ride discount prices, pick n drop, camel ride, buffet dinner BBQ, campsite shows…

VIP desert safari

VIP Desert Safari Dubai

AED140 / Per person

  • 7 hours
  • Dubai

Experience the VIP thrills of the dunes and witness spectacular views of the sunset during our desert safari tour. VIP Service Table, VIP Sitting Area in camp, VIP Buffet Dinner


our most popular tour are Desert Safari Dubai, Dubai City Tour, Marina Dhow Cruise and much more..

Desert Oriented Tours

Our Desert Safari Special Adventure

Hummer Safari

Hummer Desert Safari

AED200 / Per person

  • 7 hours
  • Dubai

Hummer Safari in Dubai It is very unique red dunes Dubai desert safari. Most people have a general desert safari image in their minds that there would be some specific activities that would be performed in desert safari but there are lots of different kinds of luxury safaris like awesome hummer desert safari or hummer […]

Luxury dune bashing


AED350 / Per person

  • 7 hours
  • Dubai

Luxury Desert Safari Dubai This is VIP luxury desert safari in Dubai desert, Our 4×4 will pick you from your location around 3 pm. We have red dunes lahbab desert safari which is very unique and rare in the world. Program inclusions AED 250 Per person  Pickup and drop off from your hotel/ location  AC […]

Safari Gold


AED180 / Per person

  • 7 hours
  • Dubai

Experience the thrills of the dunes and witness spectacular views of the sunset during our desert safari tour. Upon reaching the camp in the desert, a traditional Arabian welcome awaits you. Enjoy the true Arabian ambience at this typical good quality Bedouin campsite, with traditional Arabian carpets, low tables and cushions for comfortable seating and […]

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 Dubai is most likely famous for its desert and all the activities performed in desert of Dubai.

When we talk about the deserts of Dubai the most important and popular activity worldwide is everyone’s favorite Desert Safari. Desert safari Dubai is a package of numerous activities performed in the beautiful deserts of Dubai and has been most famous attraction for the tourist all over the globe for a long time. Desert Safari has evolved into many types and shapes with the passage of time.


Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing is basically the heart of this whole trip. This is the most thrilling and adventurous activity
during Desert Safari. This start with the ride into any strong 4 by 4 car that leads to a specific area of
desert consisting of high dunes and lows. After that come the most important part in which the highly
trained professional drivers take the tourist to a fascinating and thrilling ride across this Beautiful Sea of
sand. The windows and windshield splashing by the slaps of sand and roller coaster ride through these
beautiful tunes creates a magical scene and provides and everlasting memorable experience.
This short time right through the dunes is as adventurous as any ride on mountains.


Camel Ride

If there is the talk about the desert it can never be completed without discussing a camel. The relativity
between the camel and the desert belongs to a history of hundreds of years. So while taking into
account Safari in the desert of the by how it can be completed without a camel right
After having a dune bashing the second most popular activity of Desert Safari is a camel ride. For most
of the tourist having a camel ride is totally a different experience to see a desert. That’s why the camel is
called the ship of the desert. Camel ride allows you to have a glance into what people used to travel
between different areas consisted of vast deserts. This short camel ride also has a deep popularity
among the entire tourist coming into desert.
Live Entertainment Shows.
Desert Safari tour does provide a variety of live entertainment shows for all ages of tourist coming into it
and having different taste of entertainment. It includes to live dance shows in which the tradition of
Arabian dance has been exhibited very well and a fire show as well when the attraction of all the tourist
sitting in the desert.

Fire Show.
Belly Show.
Tanura Show.

Another Arabian traditional dance named tanora dance exhibits the unique and beautiful history of
Arabian art of dancing. This beautiful dance form and young girls dressing in traditional Arabian dresses
showcase the ancient and beautiful history of Arabian dance.
Fire Show.
Playing with fire is no kid thing. Executing some aerobics using the Fire is itself proof of excellence. After
dance shows a wonderful fire show create thrill and interest into the audience and a person having fire
in hands show some fascinating and wonderful and tricks having a close contact with the fire all the
Sunset View.
It’s always good to see the beauty of nature closely. The beautiful moment of the sunset in the lap of the
desert of the way creates and amazing and flawless scenery of the dying sun.

Quad Bike Riding

This trip offers numerous opportunities to all those adventure lovers always seek and activity of great
trial and adventure. Quad bike riding is one of those activities which attracts that kind of people a lot.
Moreover there are two different facilities according to the taste and will of the tourist to enjoy the
quad biking.
Indoor Quad Biking.
There is a separate designated area for the quad bike riders in which they can enjoy this beautiful ride
and adds to the experience.

There is a variety of Quad bikes available for the convenience of the tourist. Basically this four wheels
bike allows you to ride on an engine starting from 250 CC to 1000 CC.

Limitless Desert Quad Bike Ride.

The second option is an endless ride through the mighty tactless desert of Dubai. There is no limit or at
separate area in which the rider is advised to ride but a whole sea of the sand is there to explore
through this four wheels bike riding.
Buffet Dinner.
Having all those tiring and physical activities through the desert definitely leads anyone to hunger and
moreover a beautiful night and the desert of the Dubai will be totally incomplete without a delicious
dinner. So keeping that thing in mind Desert Safari offers and enormous and mouth watering dinner
menu for all tourist.



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